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Hydrovac Trailer USA

Origins of Hydrovac Trailer USA

Hydrovac Trailer USA was established in 2022 by a team of experts who were both motivated to use their decades of experience in the construction services industry to build the optimal platform for a trailer mounted hydro vacuum excavation system. In recognizing that not all hydrovac excavation services required large-scale equipment, they quickly learned that most existing manufacturers lacked equipment solutions for operators who needed a more flexible, versatile product to accommodate operations of a smaller size and footprint. After discovering the product vacuum throughout hydrovac excavation equipment manufacturing, Hydrovac Trailer USA was founded, in cooperation with American Tank Company, to engineer a robust platform distinctly tailored to the niche market of hydro vacuum excavation trailers.

 Hydro Excavation Manufacture

 Ultimate Trailer for Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac Trailer USA is determined to provide operators with an easier method of hydro excavation by developing a straightforward trailer mounted hydrovac system that offers a more manageable approach to the general process and related applications of hydro excavation work. The hydro vacuum excavator trailers designed by Hydrovac Trailer USA can perform a typical excavation job, including common daylighting and potholing, all while being simpler to operate and less of a burden on your wallet.

Moreover, Hydrovac Trailer USA commits to being a dependable resource who consumers can turn to in critical situations for expert knowledge. Hydrovac Trailer USA customers can be confident in having a go-to means to answer questions, whether that be professional guidance on particular ground conditions or trailer maintenance and training information.

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